Hello, sister! We're thrilled you’d like to join us for The Womanly Arts Experience, February 9-10, 2019. It’s going to be extraordinary — and is so much more than a weekend.

Please complete the form and submit payment below to complete your registration.

As a reminder, here’s what’s included when you confirm your seat below:

•  A LIVE 2-day introductory course on February 9-10, 2019 in NYC – a taste of our signature program called Mastery. You’ll leave with a new lens on your challenges, your desires, and your potential – along with actionable tools for having more fun and feeling more alive when you return to everyday life after the weekend.

•  Two days of powerful learning designed by women for women in a community of hundreds of women — you will likely leave with new friends and a profound taste — possibly for the first time — of real sisterhood

•  Instant access to the 5 Days of Receiving workbook, sent to you immediately upon registration — it’s a workbook of short exercises designed to make it easier to receive in a culture that tells women their worth is in giving (it’s not true and we know it, but it is hard to unlearn) 

•  Invitation to an exclusive online community for event attendees, opening in January — so you can begin connecting with like-minded women before you meet in-person

•  A 4-module mini course with Regena (aka “Mama Gena”) taught live by online video — so you can join from your laptop anywhere in the world and can ask questions of Mama herself

To complete your registration, simply fill out the form and submit payment below. This confirms your commitment to attend, which is important because every year we have nearly twice as many women wanting to attend as there is space for. (There are no refunds — but if you need to give up your seat and you let us know beforehand, we will pay your fee forward to She’s The First, an organization supporting gender equality through education.)

After you register, check your inbox right away for a welcome email with everything you need to start planning for the event and instant access to the 5 Days of Receiving workbook.

"I would recommend The Experience to any woman I know who is craving something more.
(Which is every woman I know.)" ~Kristen Staffaroni

"This weekend was inspiring, moving, and exhilarating!" ~Janellea Macbeth
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